Soil Health

Natural Biota’s product line contains microbes that break down carbon from crop fall-off. Microbes such as XXXX biodegrade tough substances, such as lignin and cellulose, into soluble carbon (dissolvable into water). In fact, this is what makes the rich dark color of our liquid fertilizers. If farmland is riddled with pesticides, the pesticides do not kill just insects: They are biocides. This means that they kill earthworms, bees, ladybugs and beneficial microbes. In such conditions, the tough biodegradable waste, sometimes called crop stubble or chaff, will be broken down, but when it is broken down by natural chemical processes, it effuses into the air and it is lost.

However, if it is broken down by bacteria and there is the presence of fungi and AMFs, it can be absorbed by hyphal networks into the soil. In such conditions, it is contained – captured for many years into the soil. Additionally, broken-down carbon, humates and fulvates act as a ferryboat, transporting minerals into the root structure. These same ferryboats also help bind heavy metals, thereby keeping them from entering the plant.