NPK: 2-0-4

Biota Turf+ can be used on sod, but it has been optimized for various agricultural uses, and less frequent application, enabling farmers and grove owners who may not have a working microjet or drip irrigation system. Our teams have over 8 years’ experience with Biota Turf+ on citrus groves, berry fields (e.g., strawberries) and vegetable farms (peppers, potato, turnips, tomatoes, squash, cucumber, and more).

Field research data shows that a regimen of 30 to 40 gallons per acre per year, in conjunction with PREVENTYS, reduces the spread of citrus greening and in some cases has even reversed it. It has also proven effective in the reduction of other problems, such as blight and aphid.

Biota Turf+ helps sod growers enjoy the efficiencies of being able to mix our product with other soluble liquids, including fungicides, and deliver them simultaneously. It can be deployed using various irrigation systems, but the recommended methods are foliar, drip and microjet irrigation.