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Improve long-term & immediate soil health, maximize yield, minimize run-off & pests

Natural Biota

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Our mission at Natural Biota is to help farmers and growers work with nature – not against it – to grow healthier and more productive crops. Our senior staff has over 30 years’ experience improving soil sustainably and cost-effectively by enhancing the gifts of Mother Nature.

What can Natural Biota do for you?

  • Work with nature to improve soil conditions
  • Improve the soil for today and for future use
  • Minimize the need for nitrogen, and reduce or eliminate nitrogen runoff
  • Reduces water requirements
  • Extend the growing season and protects crops from temperature stress
  • Improve plant health and longevity and decrease pathogens
  • Increase growth rates and crop yields
What Fuels NatBiota?

Mutualism and the Biota Way. A symbiotic relationship between microorganisms in the soil and plants has existed in nature for millennia. We find examples all around us, and rain forests are probably one of the best examples. They do not require fertilizers, pesticides or herbicides to grow and maintain themselves, yet their topsoil is thin. How so? The microorganisms in the soil and the mycorrhizal network break down plant residue, cellulose, and other waste materials into usable nutrients for the plants. The plant life in these forests has some of the most vigorous,  fast growth in the world.


78% Nitrogen. Today, fertilizer and other chemical additives used in conventional, modern farming, has deeply damaged interdependent relationships, leading to a loss of supportive flora in the soil. The result has been to provide support to crops in areas that nature previously took care of – 78% of air is nitrogen! Let’s make use of this natural resource! It is abundant and costs zero dollars.


Repopulate: The Only Way to Reverse Desertification. Whatever new technology or method being used in North America, Asia, Australia or Africa to stop deserts from spreading will involve repopulation. Natural Biota agrees. Our products stimulate the natural flora and fauna of the soil to thrive. It also seeds the soil with an array of helpful microorganisms. These organisms work to form a mycorrhizal matrix that supports plant growth in surprising ways that ultimately enhance the health and productivity of your crops for today and the future.

Break Down then Deliver. Just like in natural systems that are rich with life, these microorganisms break down plant residue, cellulose, and residual organic matter to provide your plants with usable N-P-K, micronutrients and other essential compounds. An added benefit is that nutrients are stored in the mycorrhizal hyphae (the name of their root-like systems) and released toward the crop root, as needed. This fantastic network also stores and releases water as the plant requires it, leading to more efficient irrigation. That is because more of the water that you apply to your crop stays close to its root system.

This symbiotic relationship also assists in combating temperature stress from both heat and cold as the microbes work to alter soil temperatures by five (5) to seven (7) degrees F. Many farmers depend on this product feature that enables crops to be planted earlier in the spring and harvested ahead of their competition. For others farmers, they remain productive deeper into the season when temperature drops and the nights grow longer.

A Probiotic for Crops and Soil? Natural Biota’s microbes also affect pathogens in the soil through competition and direct predation of pathogenic organisms.

Natural Biota Bottom Line All of these natural factors help create healthier crops that grow faster, are more productive and tasteful, and live longer, improving your bottom line.