Application Program


If there is any doubt in a field trial, please ask your Natural Biota representative to speak to one of our agronomists or microbiologists for customized consultation regarding your particular concerns (e.g., crop variety, region, soil structure, past products used, and more).

Natural Biota rule of thumb

Depending on your circumstances, it may be acceptable to apply weekly, monthly or even once every two months (e.g, plants that produce a thick canopy). Please start with an estimated budget that includes a program based on this rule of thumb:

  • 5 gallons per acre
  • 6 times per year
  • 1:65 product to water ratio (this varies, depending on climate and irrigation delivery system)

This applies to all products apart from PREVENTYS

Customizing the Program

If you are interested in modifying Natural Biota recommendations, and would like to develop your own approach, feel free to experiment, but try to focus on 30 gallons per acre per growing season. Below are a few examples.

Land threatened by frost concerns for a crop will need to apply the same 30G per year, but will be advised to apply smaller quantities with higher frequency, and with some detailed recommendations on how to apply the product.

Application amounts are minimum amounts required. Some farmers apply 1G per acre per week in high-output farms with advanced irrigation systems, when using some of our soil-soaking solutions.


PREVENTYS, as you might have already know, is applied in much lower quantity: It is applied 3 times per year.

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Small plots, hydroponics and greenhouses

Small plots can measure dosage, as follows:

  • 1/2 gallon per 5000 square feet
  • Apply as needed


It is up to the farmer as to how he or she would like to dilute the product. This is because the rainy or drought seasons require adequate amounts of water for best results.