NPK: 1-0-2

Biota Turf liquid fertilizer was originally designed for golf courses that undergo stresses, such as heavy trampling and extreme heat. This product, within a 90-days application program, can extend an average root length of 1 to 2 inches to 8 to 9 inches.

Biota Turf is ideal for any application program that does not require high amount of N-P-K, or the regimen for nitrogen or phosphorus is being supplied by another provider. One of our customers, Humate International, resells it worldwide because of its effective microbial populations and wide array of trace minerals. Southeast Partners in Fort Myers has been using 1-0-2 for over a decade on golf course greens and swears that it is the only product in the market that reduces the use of fungicides, pesticides and nematicides. Microjet irrigation is the recommended delivery method on sod.

You know what it has done at the Bear Lakes Golf Course: root growth from less than an inch to as much as 8 inches in just 90 days.