Gas Fixation

Nitrogen from the air

Natural Biota fertilizers include beneficial bacteria that can capture free gaseous nitrogen from the air – making it available to the plant (see diagram, “Benefits of Nutrient Cycling,” below).


Carbon from the air

In the last century, industry and fossil fuels have upped the carbon dioxide levels in our atmosphere. If your crop undergoes C3 photosynthesis, it is taking advantage of the extra carbon dioxide in the

atmosphere. Most plants harness C3 type photosynthesis. With a natural living fertilizer, such as Biota Plus, you can enable your crops and soil to sequester even more carbon, making them carbon contributors to your soil, and not carbon depleters. By doing so, you are playing a part in reducing atmospheric carbon dioxide levels and improving your soil productivity, preparing for the future.

Our products contain microbes that sequester carbon dioxide from the air, transforming it to solid, molecular form – products such as sugars, carbohydrates and SOCs. Ultimately, this localized carbon in a healthy organic soil treated with Natural Biota products will store captured carbon in the form of a substance called glomalin in Arbuscular Mycorrhizal Fungi (AMFs). AMFs are not only beneficial because they store carbon for the long haul, they also mutually benefit more than 80% of all plants and vegetables.