NPK: 0-0-0.5

Biota-Plus  is ideal for skeptics who wish to reduce their initial expenditures. It is also recommended for agronomists and growers interested in evaluating how an organic product can benefit and supplement their conventional fertilizer business practice. In other words, it is not just an organic growing solution.

Biota-Plus is recommended for foliar spraying and drip irrigation systems.

This product has been designed to:

  • Shorten the years needed for bamboo shoots to begin returning revenue
  • Maximize fern propagation for ornamental resales
  • Improve the vitality of small nursery plants and seedlings, protecting them against the infections that may arise in a greenhouse environment and to give them the strength to withstand transport and replanting
  • The lower NPK values are offset by the ability of this product to carry more microbial diversity and larger soil-bacteria populations