NPK: 0-0-4

PREVENTYS is the premier 100% organic insect and mite control product formulated for application to virtually all edible and ornamental crops. Utilizing diatomaceous earth (DE) as the active ingredient and powered by Natural Biota’s regenerative nutrition formula, PREVENTYS also provides an array of nutritive minerals and beneficial anti-pathogenic microbes to systemically support plant health.

PREVENTYS, a potassium- and silicon-rich nutrient, expedites entry of “good stuff” from our products, as well as other natural products that you may be applying via foliar spraying, whether in a greenhouse, on the grove or in your fields. It will not harm honeybee pollinators and beneficial insect populations.

PREVENTYS has been designed to help thwart the spread of citrus greening in the state of Florida, using principles of competitive exclusion (beneficial bacteria, when abundant, prevent harmful bacteria from creating large, successful colonies, thus mitigating the harm that this microbe has on citrus) and mechanical hinderance. PREVENTYS also serves as an effective psyllid (Diaphorina citri) repellent, because it reduces the presence of the vector that spreads HLB (citrus greening).