Our fertilizers are designed for immediate benefits, such as increasing flowering and budding, raising brix levels and better fruit retention (fruit drop reduction); additionally, Natural Biota products are designed for the future, providing long-term benefits to your fields and business. These characteristics are ideal for long-term benefits, such as when transferring your estate or legacy to your community or family. Please Contact Us or more information.

Natural Biota benefits include:

  • Increased water retention
  • Higher rates of mineralization
  • Nitrogen fixation
  • Extended growing season
  • Greater yields
  • Better quality fruits and vegetables
  • Reduced loss due to handling, packaging and transit
  • Longer root systems with more root volume
  • Improved soil clumping, reducing run-off and total annual fertilization spend
  • Pest and weed reduction
  • Environmentally friendly

All Natural Biota products are ideal for any biological agriculture or regenerative agriculture program.

All Natural Biota fertilizers  are made by 100% natural processes. Some of them are also organic certified (e.g., OMRI, USDA or SAGARPA), or are in the process of receiving such status.